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From Ireland and Scotland to Japan, and the Americas there are almost countless bottles of whiskey being produced around the world on any given day. Each with different flavor profiles and unique histories it’s hard even for the professionals to keep up to date. To help guide your way through this ever-expanding art of whiskey we pride ourselves as the premier destination in Austria for not only the whiskey coinsure but also for those just starting their journey with this remarkable liquid. Our tasting room was specifically designed from the ground up to surround our guests in a decadent environment, adorned with artifacts from the far corners of the whiskey world it allows us to bring to life each and every tasting we host.



Personal tastings

With our collection of hundreds of whiskeys sometimes it can be tricky to find where to start. Our selections of personal tastings provide an introduction for the perfect evening. Each flight of three various whiskeys is served on hand crafted wooden trays and are accompanied by our very own tasting notes for each, leaving time to enjoy your whiskey while expanding your knowledge. From 18 Euros

Guided Group Tastings

For a special experience at The Salzburg Whiskey Museum we are pleased to offer a range of guided tasting sessions, highlighting selected whiskies from our ever-expanding collection. We also delve into our reserved stock that is exclusive for tastings and not available at the main bar. Find out about the history, character, and flavor profiles of several drams of whiskey as our passionate staff takes you on a journey of the senses.


The Gin Lover

In this tasting we highlight a selection from our refined Gin collection. Sampling five unique craft gins , we explore their history and how these botanical blends developed over hundreds of years to become one of the most popular spirits in the world, we finish by letting you create a perfect Gin&Tonic with a gin of your choice from the tasting. A wonderful start for any evening and a great experience for friends, parties, and groups. 28 Euros per Person

The Classics and an Introduction to tasting

Enjoy your evening with the classics as you head off through the Irish and Scotch favorites of Whiskey. A fun way to start for beginners, and a revisit of the popular gems for the advanced, find out what’s in your glass with the stories and folklore surrounding how this golden liquid became what it is today. Great for Stag or Hen nights, Team Building, Christmas events, Birthday Parties, and celebrations, this tasting is a fun way for any group to start their evening. 32 Euros per Person (Minimum group of Ten)

The Salzburg Whiskey Museum, Classic Tasting


Whiskey & Cheese

This tasting brings two worlds of taste together to balance and compliment each in perfect harmony. By combining the salt and oils of Artisan cheese with the dynamic profiles of selected whiskeys, our staff will take your taste buds on a delicious journey. Weather its delicate and floral, intense and peaty, or somewhere in-between we show you the perfect cheese for the perfect whiskey. Spoil a loved one, treat yourself, or skip the cheese board after dinner. 42 Euros per Person

Whiskey & Chocolate

Two guilty pleasures combined into one decadent tasting. By pairing the sweet and bitterness of five specially selected chocolates to the smooth and complex flavor profiles of five whiskeys from our extensive collection, this tasting is perfect way to show your affection for a loved one or really treat yourself. 42 Euro per Person

Seven Whiskey Food Pairing

What better way to explore seven drams of premium whiskey than by combining each with a specially selected food pairing. Stuffed olives, smoked salmon, cured and smoked meats, we prepare a unique bite to enjoy with each of our featured whiskeys with crackers served between drams to cleanse the pallet. This feast of flavors encompasses sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. This tasting is ideal for Whiskey and Food lovers alike. 58 Euros per Person

The Masters

This exclusive tasting consists of eight drams of whiskey from our open and private stock ranging from 18 to 50 years old. Made up of extremely rare bottles collected over the past decade, this is truly a whiskey lover’s dream come true. Due to extreme limited stock we can only offer this tasting to a maximum group of nine persons. Not your everyday tasting, we recommend this to only those well versed in the world of whiskey. 98 Euros per Person

Masters Tasting

Distillery Tasting

We have the pleasure to welcome our friends from the industry to present their selection of whiskeys and sometimes gin in these special events. These tasting offer our guests the opportunity to enjoy some drams with the experts from some of the worlds most celebrated distilleries as well as those up and coming in the market. Prices and dates will vary so make sure to check our upcoming events for more information about these exciting opportunities to meet the people behind the liquid.

Special Catered Events

If you are planning a special event and you would like to have a piece of The Salzburg Whiskey Museum, we are happy to offer a specialized tasting bringing our knowledge and passion to you. Offering custom tastings and selections to give your event the same individuality that we proudly offer at our home in the heart of Salzburg, we cater to your needs while also ensuring the quality and feeling that we are known for. Ideal for corporate events, weddings, and special occasions prices are available upon requests and can be tailored to your needs.

Special Catered Events, The Salzburg Whiskey Museum

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