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The Salzburg Whiskey Museum is located right in the heart of the historical old city of Salzburg

The Whiskey Museum
began as an idea over a decade in the making, all the material to build and decorate the location was carefully collected and cataloged over time and stored until the perfect location could be found.

That space was in a beautiful building dating back to the 14th century, the building was renovated in 1759, ironically the same year Arthur Guinness founded Guinness in Dublin (and yes we do pour beautiful creamy pints of Guinness as you would expect to find in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland), and so the restoration process began.

The granite was sourced in Italy for the bar counter and the sinks. Antique solid oak doors were salvaged in Czech Republic these doors were something that Chris had seen in a basement under a pub owned by a friend of his many years before, Hoping one day his friend would give him the doors and that he would have the perfect home for them.

The doors in question had once been in a stately home in Vienna, yet due to renovation they were to be replaced and could have ended up as firewood. So a young carpenter from Brno in Czech Republic who had been working on the house in Vienna saved the doors and then once again they ended up in storage lost for years, and it was a long time after they had caught Chris's eye they finally found their rightful home. Once the doors arrived in Salzburg we worked day and night to build the bar using as much of them as possible, including the door frames. The restoration and renovation took many months to complete, as we tried to recapture a style from hundreds of years ago, paying tribute to the amazing building and town that has become our home. Yet the whiskey museum will continue to evolve, as Chris says it's a never ending process, your guaranteed to spot something new on each and every visit.

When you visit us at the Whiskey Museum have a look around and you will find that all of our custom-made furniture has its own unique story. For example parts of decommissioned pianos from Salzburg can be found integrated into the design aspects in every room in addition to our fully function piano on stage, Thus creating an alluring, seductive atmosphere to best complement the whiskey being served. In total, we used five pianos in the design of the bar, all the pianos were already in a state of serious disrepair, so we gave them a new life creating some beautiful and unique furniture, yet of course we did get one old upright piano back to sound like it did in its heyday, and now this takes pride of place on our cosy stage.

Salzburg is known worldwide as the city of music and the hometown of Mozart, So we wanted to convey a little bit of this in our design along with our love for music. At the whiskey museum we like to play everything from Blues to Bluegrass Almost everything about The Salzburg Whiskey Museum is hand-picked. So we don't use Spotify, we prefer to personally create our own playlists from music we have collected. You won't hear a lot of pop or music that's in the charts but you will hear a lot of great music.

Our draft beers
are all carefully selected to pair well with the hundreds of whiskeys from around the world that we stock. We are always making improvements to our menu and ambiance to provide the best service, knowledge, and space for our guests. As you might imagine, with literally hundreds of whiskeys to choose from sometimes our staff members can be more helpful than the menu and are ready to point you in the right direction for your perfect dram.

We do have a large book style menu, yet with hundreds of whiskeys and new ones always arriving its tricky to keep it up to date so you will find price tags hanging on our whiskey bottles and our staff are always happy to help. We also offer a vast selection of Gin and Rum, and we even have our very own signature watermelon Gin Tonic.

Our passion is
provide our guests a truly unique experience, giving people the opportunity to explore the world of whiskey in our cosy specially designed environment. We have an ever expanding assortment of literally hundreds of whiskeys from all around the world well-known classics to limited rare bottling’s and single casks so why not drop in and see if we can find the perfect drams to suit your palate

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Chris & The SWM Team

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